Happy Aquarium: Pilgrims bring the harvest, colonize our tanks

Happy Aquarium: Pilgrims bring the harvest, colonize our tanks
Paul the Pilgrim
Penny the Pilgrim

In celebration of the day when the Pilgrims came to America, filled up the Native Americans with the best food they could find and then broke the news that they were taking over this town (or something like that), CrowdStar has released Pilgrims to Happy Aquarium. Paul and Penny the Pilgrim are Tankmates that both go for an affordable 23 Facebook Credits, or $2.30.

Sure they're smiling now, but just wait until they a throw a big party for your fishes. There will be all the fixings: turkey, candied yams (my favorite), corn and even a green bean casserole. But did we mention the massive dessert called imperialism? Yeah, try dealing with that, little fishes. Aw, but how can you resist--they're too darned adorable. Looks can be deceiving, people. So, watch out for your finned friends with these two schemers around. But look at those faces--resist, Joe.

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Will you be welcoming the Pilgrims into your aquarium? What other Thanksgiving items are you waiting to make their way underwater? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.