FronterVille ghost varmints (finally) return to the great beyond

frontierville ghosts gone

I'm happy to report that FrontierVille's ghost varmints have left the building. I repeat, ghost varmints have left the building!

Let me rewind a bit for anyone who might be confused. For Halloween, FrontierVille introduced new ghost varmints that would appear after you whacked a bear, fox, snake and groundhog. Then you would have to spend additional energy 'scaring' the ghost off your homestead. There frontierville ghost bearwas a Hex Collection and Halloween mission tied to these animal spectres, and you needed to scare away a few of these ghosts to complete these tasks.

But after Halloween, these ghosts turned from a fun, festive holiday event into a serious energy sink. Any time a varmint would appear, I would spend energy whacking it, a then a few additional energy getting rid of the ghost. Repeat this several times every day (for days), and, well, my energy was disappearing faster than free donuts in a police station.

Anyway, I'm happy to report that the ghosts are finally gone, though I wouldn't be surprised if they rear their mostly see-through heads around this time next year.

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