Cupcake Corner releases new autumn and cozy country decor

Cupcake Corner fall items
Cupcake Corner fall items

Cupcake Corner has updated with a whole host of new items over the past week or so. At the moment, we're getting slammed with decorations from two separate but related themes - Cozy Country and Autumn. All of these items combined make for a very comfortable bakery for you to make your cupcakes in, that's for sure! Here is a glimpse into the new items.

The Weathered Green set includes tables and chairs with a country comfort sort of feel to them. You can also get yourself a stuffed bear (not the teddy bear kind, but the taxidermist kind) or a crackling country hearth. Of course, there is also a register and a counter for you to purchase to fit the cozy theme.

For the fall season, there is a cute leaf pile and a set of colorful pumpkins. There is also a set of gourds, which scream autumn harvest season to us, and a set of pine barrels. For the bakers, there is an Autumnal Bliss Cupcake (shown to the right) and a delicious Pecan Pie.

We're really enjoying the fall and Thanksgiving decor in our favorite Facebook games this season. There is so much creativity in all of these games, and we can't wait to see what Thanksgiving brings us next!

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