City Of Wonder: Construct the stunning Taj Mahal with Gifts of Wonder

Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal

Since we doubt many of you have experienced the loss of a Mughal empress, express your eternal love for... games with the Taj Mahal in City of Wonder. The next phase in both Playdom's India Week and Gifts of Wonder recurring event, players can gift each other one piece of the Wonder for the next five days in order to build the magnificient structure. One of the most recognizable pieces of architecture on the planet, we're sure it'll at least turn some heads in City of Wonder.

All you need to do is log in each day and send your friends the Taj Mahal-themed building that unlocks that day (it wouldn't hurt to request the buildings either). Today starts with the the Taj Mahal Tower, an a crimson defense building with 7 Attack and 15 Defense. Here's a list of what impressive architecture you'll find over the next five days:

  • Day Two: Taj Mahal Pool (100 Happiness, 10 Culture)

  • Day Three: Taj Mahal Mosque (90 Happiness, 9 Culture)

  • Day Four: Taj Mahal Gate (80 Happiness, 8 Culture)

  • Days Five and Six: Taj Mahal Wall (4 Attack, 18 Defense)

Going through the next six, arduous days of gifting and collecting all five buildings will finally reward you with the Taj Mahal. The iconic mausoleum grants players with 900 Happiness, 180 Culture and another two percent bonus to total Culture and Happiness. Aside from being a tribute to one of the most beautiful buildings in the history of the world, we'd say these stats make it more than worth the effort.

What are your impressions on this edition of Gifts of Wonder? Need more friends to ensure you nab this monument? Then make some buddies in the comments. Add Comment.

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