Cafe World Special Deliveries now available daily through Bookmark

Special Delivery through Bookmark
You'll make that Collections Cabinet in no time through Cafe World's brand new daily bonus. Players who log into the game through Facebook's Bookmark feature will be rewarded with a Special Delivery once daily. Special Deliveries are, for lack of a better word, smart items. Depending on what items you're currently crafting, a Special Delivery will always be a component to one of those items. For instance, if you're in the middle of building the Drink Bar and still need a few Buckets of Ice, a Special Delivery sent to you is guaranteed to hold a Bucket of Ice inside unless you need any other item parts. Then, it becomes randomized within the parts that you need.

In other words, Special Deliveries are awesome and you're probably going to want to take advantage of this. If you haven't already bookmarked Cafe World, you'll see an icon on the left side of your screen that will guide you through the whole process easily. For those who already have, enjoy the fast lane to new crafted items.

Will you be logging in through the Bookmark from here on out? Is this enough incentive to get you to use the Bookmark system? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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