Cafe World: Grab 6 Free Cafe Cash in 3 Quick Surveys

Cafe Cash from Cafe World: Tom's of Maine, Anthem, and Windows Phone
Log into Facebook and click on the Earn Café Cash tab in Cafe World for 6 more Cafe Cash this week. We've already given you guys the rundown on the 1 free Cafe Cash from the Morning Glory movie trailer, plus another 2 free Cafe Cash from the Diet Dew flavors survey. Now, there's three more offers that each grant 2 Cafe Cash each.

The first one is a poll from Tom's of Maine, a company that prides itself on environmentally friendly, personal care products. This isn't the first time we've seen this same exact promotion, because back in September, they were offering 3 Cafe Cash instead. And like last time, you just have to view their commercial and answer a multiple choice questionnaire.
Cafe World free Cash Cash: Anthem
The second survey is from Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, a brand-face of Wellpoint, which is an immense health insurance company that's worth billions. In this survey, you're given the option to pick an 'expert' so they can give you tips in the following categories: Disease Prevention, Health Decisions, Exercise, and Diet.
Cafe World Anthem Health Tip
I went with Exercise. You read the tip, then click "Next", where you'll be invited to share one. And because what you write is going to be seen by the next person, try to be nice about it! As for myself, I wrote down the one major bit of health advice I always hear from people, and that's "30 min. of cardio daily." After you've typed in your tip and clicked "Share", you'll be awarded with 2 free Cafe Cash, and you get to see the last three health tips left by other people.
Windows Phone commercial
Finally, there's the Windows Phone survey, which is a clever way to make you watch three different commercials from Microsoft. On the bright side, these are pretty funny commercials. They all involve people doing stupid things cause they're too busy staring at their shiny phones. All you have to do is click "VOTE", then "Next", and you'll be directed to a pie chart showing you how everyone else voted.
Windows Phone Cafe World pie chart
It's a pretty even split, but the baseball video seems to be the best. Then again, it's hard to tell with these surveys, because most people will just click the first choice of everything they see. Not that I'd blame them, as it's often the fastest way to breeze through a poll. I went for the baseball one too, because that kid could throw.
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