Bon Jovi and CrowdStar could rock faces off with Facebook Credits deal

Bon Jovi DrumsIt looks like Bon Jovi will be living on more than a prayer (more like Facebook Credits) thanks to his new promotion in three of CrowdStar's hit games: Happy Island, It Girl and Happy Aquarium. While TechCrunch reports that Jovi- esque items can be found in all three, they're nowhere to be found, as of this writing, in neither Happy Island nor It Girl. However, players can find two Bon Jovi wallpapers in Happy Aquarium that each go for 42 Facebook Credits, or $4.20, and a set of Bon Jovi Drums (pictured) for the same price.

As players go about their business in the game, they'll be offered a Bon Jovi bundle pack complete with a digital download of the 80s legend's greatest hits album, Facebook Credits, Bon Jovi-themed items and a coupon code to use in the band's online store-- all for a certain amount of real dollars. While it's unsure how much dough Bon Jovi will make off of this deal (we're gonna' shoot for a lot), what really matters here is what this implies for the future of digital goods both in and outside of Facebook.

If this Bon Jovi deal takes off, developers like Zynga and Playdom could very well follow CrowdStar's example. Not to mention that this sort of bundle is far from limited to music deals. While getting a digital copy of an award-winning artist's greatest hits is interesting, how about a digital copy of a movie the day it releases on DVD or a download code for a piece of downloadable content within a video game (Playfish might be ahead of the game here) in a bundle with Facebook Credits? With digital media steadily becoming the de facto standard, this could become the next big carrot on the stick for virtual money.

What do you think of buying digital goods bundles for Facebook Credits in social games? What bundle would be the one to push you over the fence to finally buy Facebook Credits? Speak your mind in the comments. Add Comment.
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