10 Honeymoon Ideas for Savvy Couples

honeymoon ideas

You're getting married and you're a perfectly brilliant person -- so why can't you come up with an idea for the best honeymoon ever? Don't worry, it happens to everyone. There are so many options for honeymoon ideas, it boggles the mind.

To narrow down your honeymoon ideas, first determine whether your and your partner are into putting on swimming suits. While a beach vacation may seem obvious to one of you, the other half of you might loathe the idea of lying in the sun. Another variable to consider is whether you want lots of activities to do or whether you want to relax with no schedule (and spend lots of time in the room, wink wink). Lastly, be realistic about time and budget. If you only have a week, going all the way to Bali, for example, will kill two days of your honeymoon. That flight might also kill your whole budget. Don't turn your nose up at staying in North America; we have a lot of cool stuff here. Hawaii, for example, has some of the most beautiful scenery in the world -- and your money, phone and award miles all work there.

Once you've agreed on the basics, it's time to choose one or two of the ten honeymoon ideas below. Treat them as themes; you can deviate from them here and there if you want to, but they'll give a basic structure to your plans and keep you from being overwhelmed with options (which leads to procrastination, which leads to a last-minute honeymoon, which leads to paying more and maybe not getting everything you want).

Lastly, relax, and remember that no matter where you go and what you do, you're going there and doing it with your new spouse. You're there to enjoy each other, and whatever you choose, it's going to be wonderful.

10 Honeymoon Ideas for Savvy Couples

1. Cruise

Want to go to more than one place without unpacking? Maybe a cruise will suit you! Make sure you check with your partner about motion sickness before you settle on this honeymoon idea, and be aware that food, drink, and destination tours may not be included.

2. All-Inclusive Hotel

If you're really worried about money, your best bet may be to spend a little more up front and go to an all-inclusive hotel. That way, you won't be worried about money once you're there -- at all!

3. Island B&B

Want all the scenery of an island destination, but with less of the noise? Find yourself an oceanside bed and breakfast. Be sure and read all the online reviews you can get your hands on, then enjoy your romantic hideaway in home-like comfort.

4. Spas

Maybe you wouldn't normally bother with self-pampering, but keep spas in mind when choosing your honeymoon idea. A couple's massage may become your first new tradition.

5. Food and Drink

There are all kinds of trips out there, and some of the best are centered deliberately around food and drink. If you like to eat and imbibe, you and your betrothed might want to base honeymoon ideas first around what you want to consume, and second about where you want to go.

6. Safaris

Another honeymoon idea you might not have considered is a photo safari. Rather than joining a tour and having to unpack and repack, find a hotel or camp which offers daily safaris and just stay there. You can still see something different every day.

7. Stay Central, Take Day Trips

Unpacking, repacking and switching hotels are a pain. With a little planning, you can see all kinds of different things on your honeymoon while sleeping in one central location. If you can't decide between a city and a beach, see if there's a perfect spot in between that will give you access to both.

8. Think Active

Hate to lounge around? Keep that in mind when picking honeymoon ideas. Don't choose an island where there's nothing to do; get to Europe or South America -- or at least find a resort with enough water sports to keep you occupied.

9. Think Laid Back

On the other hand, if you want nothing more than to relax in peace, keep an eye on how "family-friendly" your hotel is. The last thing you want is to fight with 8-year-olds for access to the pool bar. An adults-only resort may sound unseemly at first, but it can be a blessing of a honeymoon idea.

10. Something You've Both Never Done

No one's been everywhere, so find something you've both never done. That way, no one has to be in charge, and you can both experience the same fresh awe.

Photo by Annie Scott.
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