Restaurant City Magic Broom will sweep you away

Restaurant City magic broom
Restaurant City magic broom

Today, a brand new limited time item has hit the Restaurant City store, and it's been promised to us for a couple of days now. The new Magic Broom isn't just a decorative item. When you buy the Magic Broom, it will actually act as a janitor for you and replace one of the boring human employees that you have. It will clean up the trash automatically for you - you can think of it as a Harry Potter-styled Roomba.

This new Magic Broom is part of the larger "Magic, Mystery & Mayhem" theme that is currently under way in Restaurant City. The nifty broom is only available for 17 hours as of this writing, so you'll only have a short time to get your hands on it. Unfortunately, it doesn't come cheap. The Magic Broom will cost you 70 Playfish Cash, which is currently the most expensive decoration in the game. You were waiting for an excuse to splurge weren't you? Playfish are certainly hoping so!

Are you going to buy this magical broom, or do you think 70 Playfish Cash is too large a price to pay? Let us know what you think in the comments!