Restaurant City: Bust some ghouls for free Halloween Mystery Boxes

Restaurant City free Halloween Mystery Box
Restaurant City Witchy Wonders Series Wizard Recipe MasterNo one told the ghouls that the Halloween party was over, but no one's complaining, because ghouls-busting still remains a daily treat in the game.

Case in point, for the next four hours, you can earn the much coveted Halloween Mystery Box from Restaurant City for free as today's ghouls-zapping Gold Award. (Today's Bronze Award is 150 Coins, while the Silver Award is a free Milk ingredient.) After you get your free Halloween Mystery Box, you should post about it on your Facebook Wall, cause the first friend lucky enough to see your link can click it to nab a free box of his or her own!

After you've earned your free box, click on the Halloween Mystery Box icon floating on the left side of your game screen to access it. (Note: It's the gray box with the green question marks on it.) From there, you can open your box, to see what you got, or send the box to a friend. I received a Wizard Recipe Master from the Witchy Wonders Series box set, which is one of three themes available. (The other two are Paranormal Series and the Trick or Treat Series.) It's also the one set that best matches the currently running Harry Potter -- er, I mean, Wizard School theme.
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