Planning a Last Minute Trip to Nassau Bahamas

Planning a last minute trip to Nassau, Bahamas

Planning a last-minute trip to Nassau, Bahamas? Don't let it stress you out. While shooting off to a holiday destination with none of the usual time to prepare might seem like a challenge, it can also be freeing – a chance to bend with the palms, so to speak. The best kind of surprise is a pleasant one, however, so let's increase your chances of wandering into a fantastic last-minute getaway with a few key pointers to bear in mind.

Look for Deals

Assuming that someone else isn't paying for your trip, keep an eye out for those last-minute travel deals. Certain times of the year, such as late fall right before the Christmas season kicks in, sees Caribbean hotels slashing rates by fifty percent or more, and offering other incentives like resort credit, free meals, massages, and more. These deals usually have a window of anywhere from two weeks to a month and a half, so it pays big to take some time to look around, even when you are planning a last minute trip to the Bahamas.

Why not start by looking at our lists of the best hotels and all-inclusive resorts in the Bahamas?

Your Flight

We live in the grand era of the Internet, so there are a few places you can look that cater specifically to the last-minute traveler looking for a cheap flight to the Bahamas (or anywhere). Last Minute Travel, Cheapo Air, and Expedia all provide services or listings for those looking to get away quick. Another option is to try your luck at the airport, as carriers are anxious to fill any empty seats on the plane and will usually offer a deep discount at the very last minute.

Of course, with that option you're taking a risk, and no matter what avenue you choose you may have to put up with one or multiple stops if you want the savings, but last-minute travel is all about flexibility, right? In any case, when you land you're in the Bahamas, so that should soften the blow.


Don't forget your passport! Despite its popularity as a tourist destination, the Bahamas is still a foreign country. Otherwise: pack light. This varies depending on how "last-minute" your trip to Nassau really is, of course, but most Bahamas hotels are happy to provide you with towels, toothpaste, and other toiletries, and there are plenty of shops in town, so if you need to fly out the door, there isn't much you can't find when you get there. Plus, if you don't bring much, that leaves more room for duty-free shopping on the way back.

What to Do

For restaurants, bars, and activities, ask the concierge or a friendly-looking local wherever you end up staying. The fun of planning a last-minute trip to Nassau, Bahamas is the spontaneity. One thing you will want to do, however, is take a look at the Bahamas calendar of events for the year. There's almost always something happening, and you might just stumble onto an adventure.

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