Pet Society Arabian Nights theme will make you feel like Aladdin


Cue Aladdin soundtrack:
Arabian nights, like Arabian days, more often than not, are hotter than hot, in a lot of good ways.

Arabian Niiiiiiii
---- Erm, excuse me. I got a bit caught up in this week's newest Pet Society theme. If you haven't guessed from my trip back through great Disney animation, Playfish is celebrating Arabian Nights this week with a slew of new items available to decorate both your pet's home and your pet.

The theme contains outdoor items like the giant Oasis Palm Tree, Palace Fountain, and even a buildable Treasure Cave. This item can be purchased outright for 30 Playfish Cash, or you can build it with the help of 10 friends. Moving indoors, you'll find more items perfect for both the Palace and the Market - dining tables, market stalls, ceramic pots, and even a large Palace Throne, that will set you back 5,000 coins (but is oh so pretty and gold).

Don't want to spend 5,000 coins on a throne? Then why not spend your money on some nice clothing items for your pet, including the Arabian Princess outfit (850 coins total - three pieces), and the Arabian Prince outfit (900 coins total - also three pieces) that looks almost identical to that of Aladdin in the movie of the same name. For those with girl pets, you can even splurge on the Arabian Princess's Wig (read: Jasmine's wig) for 1,100 coins. If you love Disney and Pet Society, this is a great way to go about showing it.

Finally, even Abu has been given a nod in this week's theme, as a new Monkey Petling is available to purchase for 22 Playfish Cash.

For a full look at all of the newly available items, check out the Pet Society Blog.

What do you think of these Arabian Nights items in Pet Society? Will you create a "Whole New World" for your pet this week? Let us know in the comments.