New York Hiring: Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Five Guys, PetSmart, and More

tj maxxNew York employers are hiring again. Big time.

Among those doing the hiring, reports the Daily News, are Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Five Guys, and PetSmart. Also the hospitality industry is gearing up for tourism for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. So, yes, check out hotels, restaurants, and touring services. New hotels have been opening. Drop in and see if they need help.

The surge in hiring comes because companies in New York feel confident about the recovery and sense the economy is less volatile. They can make plans again, including bringing more workers on.

More good news is that job hunters have lots of help, especially if they are entry level or mid-level workers. The New York Department of Small Business Services has centers in all five boroughs. Those centers provide one-on-one job and career counseling, technical and educational services, workshops, and referrals to training programs. To get going, you can click here on Workforce1 or call 311.

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