New Job Market Hot Spot: U.S. House of Representatives

government jobsThe hot spot in the job market is the U.S. House of Representatives. As the Democrats exit, staff members are needed for the incoming GOP representatives, reports Portfolio.

Capitol Hill experience is probably the most marketable entity, next to having a great track record in sales. That's because you learn how government operates, what motivates human beings, and how you yourself can make a favorable impression. Needless to say, the networking opportunities, if you know how to leverage them, can open doors for life.

How to apply? The best way is through influential conservatives, at all levels -- local, state and federal -- and in all settings -- government, private sector, and non profit. Ideally, you have volunteered, even in a minor way, for a GOP cause, campaign or fund-raiser. Or, you might even have had or have now paid employment in an organization with a GOP mindset. That could range from a local chamber of commerce to a corporation.

Determine whose intervention could help you the most in reaching those in charge of hiring for the incoming House members. Ask them for this favor. Of course, they understand how useful it would be to have a contact among the staff in the U.S. House. Also request guidance on what else you could be doing to push your application forward.

If your association with the movers and shakers in the conservative movement isn't solid enough to nail a position this time, then lay the ground work for next time. Find a party you feel comfortable with. Don't try to force fit yourself into an ideology just because a certain party has been gaining power. Power is constantly in flux. For example, the Democrats retain a hold in California. Volunteer with a party for both grunt and more sophisticated tasks. Your talent will be recognized and you'll migrate to the right spots. In the process you will meet the right people. Keep at it. Loyalty is rewarded in politics.

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