Mall World: New adoptable Yorkie and Poodles in the pet store

Mall World puppies
Mall World puppies

Mall World has just updated the pet store with the addition of three new breeds of puppies. Everyone knows that dogs make a perfect fashion accessory, especially if they're purse sized like these. The new puppies that are available are the Yorkie (also known as a Yorkshire Terrier), the Black Poodle, and the White Poodle. All dogs cost the same amount to acquire, and you can get them without paying any money as long as you're willing to ask your friends for help.

To get your paws on one of these new pooches, visit the pet store and click on the puppy you want. You will then be prompted to either purchase the puppy with 4 Credit (which is fairly inexpensive) or get 3 references from your friends. If you ask for references, you have to post a wall post and have three different friends click on it. You'll then unlock the adorable dog. You can have as many dogs as you want (unlike FarmVille) so you should be happy to increase the size of your doggie collection with these three precious pups.

Interestingly, while updating on the fan wall today Mall World leaked out a picture of a Pomeranian which led players to believe that it was available. This dog is nowhere to be found in the store, so it's possible that it was forgotten and it is coming soon.

Which dog breeds are you waiting to see in Mall World? Tell us in the comments!