Mafia Wars' Witness Protection Program keeps the bullies at bay

Witness Protection Program
Witness Protection Program

The writer of MW LootLady (who also appears on the Mafia Wars Blog) has discovered a new Mafia Wars feature in beta testing called the Witness Protection Program. Essentially what this does is take your name off the fights, war and hit lists for 24 hours.

Like we said, the feature is still in its early phases, but players can contact a Zynga Customer Support Agent if they'd like to wuss out early. As goes with all online games, the elitists will cry foul for this simply because it means they can no longer ice weaker players for easy money. But new players or those just looking to get away without having to worry about losing thousands of dollars would probably kiss every one of the studio's members on their feet if they could.

Alright, that's a bit much, but this feature kind of rocks. Since it's still in beta testing, it's unsure whether enrolling will cost anything, but considering this is Zynga you can probably count on it.

[Via Mafia Wars Maniac]

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