Jersey Shore game updates with outfits from the show

Jersey Shore game outfits
Jersey Shore game outfits

Yeah, we know what you're thinking - the Jersey Shore game, really? Well, here at - The Blog, we cover all the latest news in the top Facebook games and Jersey Shore is popular enough that it hit our radar. This game based on the popular MTV television series about a group of young self-proclaimed guidos from the East Coast has its own game on Facebook with over 1 million players so far.

Today the Jersey Shore game has removed all of the Halloween costumes and replaced then with real outfits from the show available for purchase. There are 8 outfits per gender available, or 16 total. For the ladies, you'll find such clasics as the "Sammi Brawler" from her fight in the kitchen with Angelina, and the "JWoww Clubbin" outfit which is right out of J-Woww's nightlife attire. For the boys, some of the new outfits include the "Hot Pink Sitch" which is one of The Situation's best t-shirts from the show, and the DJ Paully D outfit which he actually wore while DJing at the club.

It's pretty fun to see your avatar fighting in the same clothes worn by characters on the show while you're squeezing pickle juice on people and throwing "grenades".

Do you play the Jersey Shore game? If so, what is your favorite character from the show?

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