Horse dealer accused of scam: Sold blind, sick horses

Horse dealer scam.A horse dealer was accused of running a scam on people who thought they were buying healthy, gentle, broken-in horses and instead delivered blind, injured and sick animals.

The Texas Attorney General's office, which investigated the case, reached an agreement with Patricia Wilson, owner of E-Tex Equine Co. barring her from ever selling or trading horses in that state.
Wilson, who used at least seven aliases, was ordered to pay $65,300 back to customers as well as another $25,000 in penalties and fees.

She bought the horses at auction, but told people they were from children's camps, often saying they were good for beginners when they weren't trained for riding at all. According to the complaint, she sometimes sedated horses so they'd appear calm at first delivery.

Customers have been complaining about Wilson online for years, saying they were taken for thousands of dollars. One 2009 customer who posted on said they drove eight hours to pick up a gray horse that Wilson claimed was her personal horse, named "Duck." When they tried to return the horse, who was unrideable, Wilson claimed the horse was suddenly lame and kept $1,500 of their deposit to pay for vet bills.
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