'In Treatment' Star Sells Home Over List

Gabriel Byrne, the Irish-born actor who plays therapist Dr. Paul Weston on HBO's "In Treatment," probably didn't look inward too much regarding the sale of his Brooklyn, N.Y. townhouse, which occurred back in June but only showed up a few days ago in the public record. But it is nonetheless remarkable: Situated in the leafy Brooklyn Heights neighborhood, the property sold for $5,242,027, well over the asking price of $4.7 million. Does the buyer need his or her head examined?

Then again, they aren't building any more like this beauty (read on to see the photos).

As for Byrne, he has headed back to Manhattan, mecca for shrinks of all stripes -- both real and imagined -- where he has a new apartment on Elizabeth Street in the posh Nolita neighborhood.
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