FarmVille Community Poll asks players what horse breed comes next

Matt Willard's Robot Unicorn
Matt Willard's Robot Unicorn

Much like the ultimate hero, He-Man, you now have the power. Zynga community manager Lexilicious asked FarmVille players today to vote on what they feel should be the next Horse breed in their favorite habitual harvest. FarmVille Freak commenters have been asking for Horses that cost coins and we couldn't agree more. At least one Horse that isn't exclusive to the premium players would be nice.

Better yet, why not introduce a Horse that players could find via the new Feed Trough? Players in the official forum thread have suggested some of the more beautiful steeds of the globe including the Icelandic Horse, the Shire Horse and the Fjord Horse. But might we recommend the bravest, most loyal horse in recent memory, Agro? Or how about the Robot Unicorn? Now, that beast of burden would get stuff done. Not to mention he would boost the morale of your farm by tenfold through his beautiful song and metallic sheen.

Now that we've recommended some brilliant steeds, go on and steal our recommendations and vote them up in the official poll. I mean, who wouldn't want to see a robotic hose make it into FarmVille?

[Image Credit: Matt Willard]

What horse do you think should be the next breed in FarmVille? What other animal breeds would you like to decide upon? Let us know in the comments. Add Comment.