Facebook to see 3D MMO GodsWar Online by Dec., destroy millions' social lives

Godswar Online
It looks like 2011 is going to be yet another turbulent exciting year for Facebook. It was announced today that MMO publisher I Got Games (IGG) is bringing Godswar Online to Facebook by Dec. 2010. Developed by Netherlands-based Kalydo, the game is currently played in the browser via an initial download, but all of that will change come this winter. According to Kalydo, the developer has managed to get Godswar Online running within Facebook with no download required and that the game will load completely in just 30 seconds. And they've got the video to prove it.

Check it out behind the break and let's talk about what this could mean for Facebook games in the future.

With games like Godswar Online able to load and play on Facebook so smoothly, this could mean leaps and bounds for games on the platform. While we've yet to see it live with potentially millions of players online, just getting full 3D to work on Facebook is quite a feat.

I'll just come out and say it: With a potential audience of 250 million plus players, Godswar Online could very well become a competitor for the MMO giants like World of Warcraft who currently reigns in 12 million subscribers. And even if the game doesn't reach that potential, at least it's blazing the trail for (finally) a new type of game on Facebook. You better watch out, FarmVille.

This opens up the floodgates for unlimited possibilities on the social network. How about a shooter with sharing elements; a racing game perhaps? While these possibilities are way far down the line, it's something we social gamers should all be thinking about. If Godswar Online proves to be even minimally successful, it could be a colossal game changer.

[Source: IGG Co. Ltd.]

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