City of Wonder kicks off India Week with four buildings


Russian Week has come to an end in City of Wonder and it's time to jumpstart a new theme. This week's exotic vacation is to India, where great food and costumes are aplenty and beautiful buildings are abound. We're being promised a whole week full of new items and gifts, but for now there are four new items available to celebrate India Week.

The first is an Indian House, which requires Masonry research but gives 110 population every 2 hours. The second is a market - the Indian Bazaar which requires Trade and gives 55 coins every 2 hours. Third, you will find the Victoria Terminus from Mumbai, a large gothic train station cultural building. Finally, the Qutub Minar is a huge tower straight from Delhi that gives 1340 happiness and 134 culture.

This is a pretty interesting theme because the architecture in India is so unique and varied and should make for a beautiful city in City of Wonder. So far, we're not too impressed with the selections but we're sure that plenty more will be coming soon as the week has just begun.