California Hiring in Retail, Sales, Social Media

retail jobsCalifornia employers feel confident enough to be hiring again. And those in technology feel even more confident with the Democratic wins in the state, reports Sales-Jobs.Fins.Com.

The lion's share of the hiring, at least right now, is in three sectors: retail, sales, and social media.

In retail, the push is for the holiday season. Sears, Target, Kmart, and Radioshack are all hiring. That hiring could escalate if the Federal Reserve's buy back of Treasuries has its intended effect. That is to lower interest rates enough so that consumer start buying again. So, if business stays strong, the retail store may keep you on after the holiday season.

In sales, Hewlett-Packard is hiring heavily in Los Angeles. Hewlett-Packard, says Sales-Jobs.Fins.Com, "is looking for sales specialists, who work mostly on the retail side of the business, and sale strategists, who work with businesses to provide technical solutions." Allstate is hiring throughout California and the nation. However, for most of the positions you need to be FINRA licensed, that is, having passed the series 6 or 63 examinations. If you are licensed, why not check out what Allstate can offer you.

In social media, career placement watchers expect this sector to really take off, especially in creative leader California. For example, companies like Constant Contact are expanding their presence in the state. There's a new San Francisco office for its NutshellMail acquisition that is hiring account managers and customer support specialists. In San Francisco, Lithium Technologies is hiring for a product manager and customer support. There are also opportunities in the almost infinite number of social media start-ups throughout California. Once you become experienced in social media, there's every reason in the world you can set up your own start-up.

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