Cafe World: No Clean Fairy gone for good today

Cafe World No Clean Fairy
Cafe World No Clean Fairy

Note: Complete the No Clean Fairy in a jiffy with our gifting links.

Cafe World
players who have not yet completed their No Clean Fairy have only one more day to do it before she's gone permanently. The ability to complete her will be taken away today but we're not sure exactly what time. You can't say you weren't given fair warning though (or should we say, fair-y warning) because not only have we posted about this, but because the Cafe World fan page has warned you several times as well.

If you want to simply purchase the No Clean Fairy outright, it will cost you 2 Cafe Cash per material that you need. This means that if you haven't completed ANY of it, you'll have to pay 80 Cafe Cash. As of right now, if you log in you can still complete your fairy and request parts from friends - but if they don't respond to your pleas for help by the time the feature is moved, then you will be without your fairy. If you don't finish the No Clean Fairy, well, it's time to move on to the Queen Deep Freeze anyway.

Do you think the No Clean Fairy is really gone for good, or do you think she'll be back to make a surprise appearance again in the future?