Black Friday app watch: Ways to save at the grocery store

a couple look at a product in the grocery storeAs much as we're focused on holiday shopping and saving already at WalletPop, the Black Friday insider would be remiss not to outline ways to save on the day before Black Friday: Thanksgiving.

Whether you're cooking for a family of 10 or just pitching in for the turkey, Thanksgiving dinner adds up. Grocery shoppers with iPhones can use applications to minimize food funds. After saving some cash, you'll give thanks for these apps at Thanksgiving dinner.

iSave Groceries: Find grocery store savings near home with iSave Groceries. This $.99 app downloads weekly fliers to local stores all over the country. Users can shop using favorite grocery stores or categories which include groups such as baby food, liquor and baking goods. Transfer eye-catching deals to personalized shopping lists to help guide your cart through the store.

Grocery iQ: Download Grocery iQ for free and start saving now. The app allows users to create favorite lists and make grocery shopping as efficient as possible. Sort the lists by aisle to avoid running from end to end of the store, hunting for forgotten foods. Point and click the iPhone camera to add any product to grocery lists using the barcode scanner. Find and print coupons for desired items or automatically add them to stores' loyalty cards. Grocery iQ even has an option for synchronizing lists with roommates or spouses to avoid buying repeats. Based off of the website, the app helps iPhone users save on food, personal care items and household goods. Swipe to browse through local deals and coupons. E-mail coupons to print or print directly from your iPhone. For participating grocery stores, shoppers can even add coupons to store savings cards using the free app.

Stop standing in front of price tags trying to calculate cash per ounce to find the best deal. For $2, PriceBook will do the math for its users. By looking at the prices per unit, customers can decide which store will save the most money. The section for price history details can also help shoppers determine the best time to save on specific items and the coupon needed to beat the lowest price.
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