Best cornbread stuffing? We rank the house brands

Assorted boxes of stuffing for Thanksgiving turkeys
Assorted boxes of stuffing for Thanksgiving turkeys

Thanksgiving is -- egad -- a little more than two weeks away. We couldn't be more thrilled -- it is the greatest food day of the year -- but our belly's already aching over the inevitable overeating and, even more distressing, how much money we'll have to fork over for this feast.

Hopefully you, the budget-constrained college kid, won't have to pay for the bird and all the fixins' this year, but you can still do your part and contribute some sides that satisfy your family or friends' taste buds and your budget.

Store Brand Scorecard is reviewing Thanksgiving staples to help you find the best tasting brand for your wallet. This week, we got stuffed on one of our favorite sides, cornbread stuffing. A little disclaimer: we listed the nutritional facts for the dry stuffing mixes below for consistency. Naturally the amount of calories, fat and sodium in your stuffing will vary depending on what kind of spread you use. (For our purposes, we used butter). All brands were purchased Oct. 30 in the Chicago area. Prices are subject to change.