YoVille Fall Forest Home - the perfect way to celebrate the season

With Summer now firmly in the past, and Fall in full swing, it's about time that Zynga added a new Fall-themed home to the YoVille real estate office. They've done just that this week, with the release of the Fall Forest Home, which costs 32 YoCash.

The home has two floors. On the first floor, you can find the Front Yard, Living Room, Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom, Garden and Gazebo rooms, while the second floor has a Landing, or bonus space, a Master Bedroom, and a Master Bathroom.

The outdoor portions of the home are accentuated by animated falling leaves, that really add to the ambience of the entire property. Once you guy inside, you're greeted with lots of light and wood tones, with cream colored walls and light wood flooring, along with some pretty brown wooden doors.

With three different outdoor spaces to decorate, this home is perfect for those that have a lot of trees, topiaries and the like, while the interior portions of the home are neutral enough to fit most any theme (aside from perhaps ultra-modern-contemporary).

Remember, one of the great things about YoVille is that you can tour a home before you buy it, so take advantage of that feature if you'd like to see more.

Do you think the home is worth 32 YoCash? Let us know in the comments.