It Girl releases Girly Couture items - embrace your femininity


Hey there It Girls! Ready to celebrate everything there is about being a girl, but through fashion? Then you should definitely check out It Girl's newest Girly Couture premium items. There's a lot of pink and pastel here, so be warned!

The three items are mostly dressy, as extremely girly clothing ought to be, and are the following:

Purple Fantasy Gown - 31 points - Black Tie appropriate - 52 Facebook Credits ($5.20 US)
Wild Pom Pom Heels - 21 points - Classy Casual / Night Life / Black Tie - 55 Facebook Credits ($5.50)
Perfectly Girly Skirt - 20 points - Outdoor / Casual Hip / Classy Casual / Night Life - 47 Facebook Credits ($4.70)

Now, no one said being fantastically girly would be cheap, but luckily, these prices seem to be right in line with the other premium items in the game, so if you're going to spend Facebook Credits, you won't feel like you're getting ripped off. Each of these items are limited in quantity, with there being around 1500-2200 of each remaining in the store at the time of this writing.

If you're a low-level player that wants to make a name for yourself in the game, these are great purchases, as they will practically ensure your domination in the Showdowns you'll come across early on.

What do you think of It Girl's Girly Couture items? Let us know in the comments.