City of Wonder Russian Week: Complete recap

If we've come to know anything about Playdom, it's that they like their themes - not only is City of Wonder an entirely themed game, taking place in ancient times, but they have celebrated a new theme for an entire week, in the form of Russian Week.

Meet us behind the break for a recap of this week-long celebration.
For starters, a few limited edition items are available to purchase from the game's Bulletin menu (that being the menu the automatically appears every time you load the game). You can purchase a Siberian Fort, a Winter Palace, a Russian Church, and a Russian Distillery, costing anywhere from 24-49 Gold. Each of these items is limited to a certain number of units in the store, with all of these items being available in quantities of at least 6,000.

Meanwhile, in the game's store you also find quite a few items. A Siberian Home, covered in snow, is available in the Residential section of the store, but you must have researched Exploration before you can build it. Soviet Apartments are also available, but they require Totalitarianism.

Under the Cultural item menu, you'll find two premium items, the Kremlin Chapel and the Kremlin Church, in all of their multi-colored glory, available for 10 Gold each. They add just 80-90 Happiness and 8-9 Culture to your town.

For Military options, you can purchase the Cossack Cavalry (on horseback) after you've researched the Armed Forces. They provide 50 Attack and 100 Defense to your town.

Decorative items include the Kremlin Clock and Socialist Statue, and finally, one Marvel comes in the form of the St. Basil's Cathedral, which can be built with the help of friends, but the construction can only begin after you've learned Feudalism.

Finally, if you'd like to skip spending coins or Gold altogether, you can ask your friends to send you a few of the Russian-themed free gifts, which include the Kremlin Tower (a limited time free gift), the Russian Dolls decorative item, and the Kremlin Wall item (that can only be sent once you are at least level 18).

And there you have it! Enough Russian themed items to make even a true Russian proud to play City of Wonder.

What do you think of the Russian Week items? Let us know in the comments.
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