Collect the new chess set pieces in Happy Aquarium


CrowdStar has launched a new collectible theme in Happy Aquarium, in the form of Chess Pieces. These chess pieces are available either as free gifts (the Raven, Badger, and Serpent pieces), or are available to purchase from the store, with some being premium items, and some being available for regular coins. In addition, some of these items look to be permanent additions to the game's store, while others are limited edition items, making this a true collection, as there will be a challenge in collecting all seven pieces before they disappear from the store.

The chess pieces include wizards and animals, with all coming in an off-brown, almost pewter color (except, again, a little more brown). Some of the chess pieces cost as little as 45 or 199 coins, while others, like the Wizard Chess Piece, costs either 8 Pearls or 7 Facebook Credits (the equivalent of 70¢ US).

Sure, that doesn't sound like a lot, but what makes the set expensive is the Chess Board itself. While you don't have to purchase the board to complete the set, it will truly give the set that finishing touch it might need. However, it costs either 40 Pearls or 33 Facebook Credits, or $3.30 US.

While this set will cost you premium currency to complete, it is nice to see CrowdStar offering users a collection that can be completed in ways other than having to search your friends' treasure chests ad nauseum for items that seem to never randomly drop.

[Image Credit: CrowdStar]

What do you think of the Chess Pieces collection in Happy Aquarium? Will you purchase these items? Let us know in the comments.