Millionaire City celebrates Luxury Week I


Digital Chocolate was full of updates this week, releasing three new games (Hollywood City, Vegas City, and Island God, in that order), and then updating their smash hit Millionaire City with new Luxury Week items.

The items in this theme include two new houses, the Designer House and the Skyscraper Ultimate. The Designer House is available to those users level 16 and above, but the Skyscraper is called "Ultimate" for a reason, not unlocking until users have reached level 60.

Meanwhile, one more commercial building was added to the game in the form of Hotel Midas (level 29). When adding said hotel to your town, you trigger the spawning of black limousines that will drive around your town's streets. In addition, for those users that have previously purchased a Night Club or a Casino, you'll see two other kinds of limousines on your streets - White for the Night Club and Gold for the Casino.

It's interesting that Digital Chocolate calls this Luxury Week I. Does this mean we'll see a Luxury Week II or even III in the future? Only time will tell, but we certainly hope so.

Will you add any of these luxurious new items to your town in Millionaire CIty? Let us know in the comments.

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