Mafia Wars Mystery Shipments offer just the building parts your friends need


One of the concerns with sending out bulk amounts of any free gift in Mafia Wars is the fear that the people you're sending said item to won't need it, and that you're wasting their time as a response. Not only that, but with so many people playing the game, it can be difficult for users to reach out and request the items they need in the first place, further exacerbating the the situation.

Zynga seems to understand this, as they have brought their "Special Delivery" system, first seen in FarmVille, and then spread to other games, to Mafia Wars proper in the form of Mystery Shipments.

These Mystery Shipments are available to send to your friends as a free gift, with your friends being guaranteed to receive a construction part that they need for one of their buildings, whether it be something for the Weapons Depot, the Car Shop, or otherwise.

While you're free to continue sending your friends whatever you want in terms of free gifts, keep these in mind for the players that you know have everything - this way they're sure to get something they need and probably want!

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