FarmVille Sneak Peek: Bourbon Baby Turkey & White Turkey


With Thanksgiving being the next big holiday on FarmVille's radar, and with the promise that Turkey Roosts will soon be coming to the game (see this week's official podcast), it only makes sense that we would start to see images of unreleased turkeys, and/or simply Thanksgiving themed goodies that will probably be coming soon to the game.

As you can see, the two new items are the Bourbon Baby Turkey (we're assuming it will be one of the Turkeys that can be received by breeding within the Turkey Roost) and the White Turkey, a fully grown option for those that want more variety in their Turkey species this Thanksgiving.

As usual, these items aren't guaranteed to actually make it into the game, so keep that in mind.

[Via FarmVille Latest]

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What do you think of these two new turkey types? Are you looking forward to giving these little guys a home in your Turkey Roost? Let us know in the comments.