FarmVille Funhouse is coming soon and it kinda creeps us out

farmville funhouse coming soon
farmville funhouse coming soon

This week's official FarmVille podcast, we learned that a new buildable funhouse will be en route to our farms in the not-too-distant future.

This building will be available for Farm Cash or it can be constructed with building components received from your friends and neighbors. As one of the designers said to me when giving me details about this new feature "it's pretty sweet decoration", so make sure to keep on the lookout for both of these releases in the coming weeks.

A 'decoration,' huh? I was hoping after you build this thing, you'd be able to harvest it for balloons or some other 'fun' item.

Also, maybe it's just me, but don't bad things tend to happen in funhouses? I can think about five movies off the top of my head that have a terrifying scene in a hall of mirrors or something of that ilk. I guess long as there aren't any creepy clowns loitering around outside (see image above), I'll try to overlook my funhouse phobia just this once.