Earn 30 free Facebook Credits via Happy Pets & Redbox promotion


CrowdStar has launched a new cross-promotion in Happy Pets, allowing first time users of the Redbox movie rental service to earn 30 Facebook Credits for renting their first movie.

The details are simple - simply head into Happy Pets, click on the Redbox link in the top left corner of the screen. Reserve your first DVD (you must have a valid credit card), and you ill receive your credits instantly. Again, this is only available to new users, that have never rented from Red Box before, so find someone in your family that's a newbie to the service and get going!

Sure, 30 Facebook Credits is only $3.00, but if you do go through with the DVD reservation, you will have paid $1.00 to earn 3 back, that you can use in many of your favorite Facebook games, including Happy Pets and other CrowdStar titles that have Facebook Credits as their premium currency.

With over 24,000 Redbox locations throughout the United States, it's likely that, if you do live in the States, you wouldn't have far to go to actually pick up your reserved movie, but it seems as though that isn't entirely necessary.

Will you take part in this Redbox promotion to earn 30 free Facebook Credits? Let us know in the comments.

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