Zynga updates Zynga Messaging Center in Cafe World (again)


It seems as though Zynga simply can't decide on the perfect format for their Zynga Messaging Center, as Cafe World's has been updated yet again, this time allowing for even more of a streamlined gift acceptance process than seen since the launch of the ZMC to begin with, a few months ago.

Now, if (for instance) you receive four of the daily servings gift from your friends, you'll be able to accept all four of those gifts in a single click, rather than having to click on each gift request separately. The entire menu has also been updated visually, allowing you to see each game you have installed on your profile across the bar at the bottom of the menu, along with a numerical representation of how many gifts you have yet to accept for each game. Unfortunately, clicking these images just loads that particular game, rather than loading a gifts acceptance page for that game as well.

It seems as though Catering Mission help requests, basic assembly requests (and the like) still need to be accepted individually, presumably due to the fact that each of those requests are affecting another person's account, rather than you own, and things could get lost when accepting in bulk, all in one click.

At any rate, this makes the accepting of Cafe World gift requests even quicker than it was before, and we can't wait to see if and when Zynga will finally implement this feature (in a final, stable, working version) in other games, specifically those like FarmVille or FrontierVille, which are incredibly heavy on gift requests. "Accept all Nails in one click?" One can only hope.

For now, let us know what you think of these changes to Cafe World's gifts acceptance screen in the comments. Do you still accept gifts the old fashioned way, or have you learned to love this new method?

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