Treasure Isle's new Pesky Seagulls quest is for the birds


Today's Treasure Isle update brought us a new quest, the Pesky Seagulls quest. Now, we're still reeling from all the Halloween fun, but we're not going to complain about more objectives to obtain in Treasure Isle. Especially when we can get some XP and coins for our trouble. This quest is pretty straightforward, but in case you're confused - we've got you covered.

This quest has it's own map, the Egg Sanctuary. If you click on the quests icon and click on "Pesky Seagulls", you'll have an option to go right to the map and start searching around. The first part of the quest is to "Scare away seagulls", which requires you purchasing an Airhorn from the store for 400 coins. Then you simply have to scare off 15 seagulls on the Egg Sanctuary map by clicking on them. Easy as can be!

The next step is a little bit harder because you do have to dig around. Your job is to collect turtle eggs, which is done by digging around normally in the sand like any other map. Instead of finding treasure and collection items, you'll find eggs. Find 10 eggs total to complete this quest and get yourself 600 coins and 40xp if you complete within 22 hours.

What do you think? Is this quest to easy or just right? Let us know in the comments!