Time Warner Cable Profits Up 34 Percent -- Four Ways to Apply for Jobs

time warner cableTime Warner Cable's profits surged 34 percent for the third quarter. Time Warner Cable will boost the stock price by a $4 billion buy back. No surprise, Time Warner Cable is continually hiring around the nation.

The lion's share of the work opportunities at Time Warner Cable, the second largest U.S. cable operator, fall into five categories:

There are four ways to job hunt.

1. Through Time Warner Cable's websites, especially the local ones, which list jobs. For example, there is a help wanted on Time Warner Cable's Ohio Website for a Customer Service position, posted Nov. 2 in Kettering, Ohio. Simply key in Time Warner Cable Jobs -- Ohio or whatever state you are based. Check what's available and, if qualified, apply. Follow up after a week with an e-mail or phone call, unless the ad indicates not to.

2. Go to an online job site such as Careerbuilder.com. You can narrow that search by specifying location such as New York and how far back the job could have been posted. For example, you probably don't want to retrieve positions posted a month ago. That lag time would put you at a disadvantage.

3.Network with those already employed by Time Warner Cable or who know how the company operates. They are the best source of the scoop about local job openings. Ask if they will let you use their name in applying and, more importantly, if that would help or hurt your application. Maybe they're in the penalty box at the company.

4. Research the name and contact information of the director of the department you want to work in. That might be the director of marketing in New York City. Ask that person for 10 minutes for an informational interview. Start out that request with a sentence or two demonstrating you know something about Time Warner Cable and why you want to work there. Then, briefly outline your experience or skills in terms of what would help that employer. Perhaps you were employed by a competitor, therefore knowing the competition's weaknesses.

Incidentally, these same four ways of exploring job opportunities can be applied at most corporations.

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