Sales Jobs: Aflac 800, Liberty Mutual 589, Wells Fargo 163 Openings

Forbes reports that companies are pumping up their sales forces. Aflac has 800, Liberty Mutual 589, and Wells Fargo 163 openings in business to business sales.

In business to business sales, you don't have to have executive or management experience. Those are different kinds of jobs, and, yes, they have openings too.

To apply for business to business sales, you only need to be able to sell or are willing to be trained to do that. Many companies have their own training and development programs for sales representatives; they want you to do it their way. Therefore, on interviews, show your outgoing personality, drive, genuine caring about others, and eagerness to learn. Those qualities could get you in the door and might be more important to the company than extensive experience in sales.

According to Forbes, those openings at Aflac, Liberty Mutual, and Wells Fargo are only the tip of the iceberg. Currently, more companies have enough confidence in the recovery to invest in expanding their sales teams. Those hires are across the board, from entry level to executive positions.

Most often those positions are listed on the company's website. Find the company on the Web, then click on the careers section. The second way to find those jobs is to go to an online job board such as Also, you can just call the company's sales department, ask to speak to the manager of sales, and pitch yourself. If it doesn't have an opening right now, ask when you can follow up. The two Ps -- push and persistence -- are a plus in sales.

-- 10 Companies Hiring Right Now

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