PetVille releases Betty the Baker and new window set

PetVille Betty Baker
PetVille Betty Baker

Today, PetVille has released a mini-set of new decorations that they're calling 'essential', but we're not exactly sure if they are. Either way, they're super cute and will make great additions for your pet's home. The first set of items is two separate windows that look out to very peaceful environments. The first is a Sunflower Afternoon Scene, which costs 29 Pet Cash. The second is the Valley Vineyard, which is a grape-filled view of the rolling countryside, also 29 Pet Cash.

In addition to the two windows, there are two new kinds of cellars, which are functionally the same as windows. The Stocked Pantry is chock full of food for your pet, although you can't actually go inside it and eat any of the food. This pantry will cost you 28 Pet Cash. The second new room is the Wine Cellar, which would go perfect with the Valley Vineyard window. This is also 28 Pet Cash.

Finally, there is a new Betty Baker pet (shown above) for 48 Pet Cash. She is animated and spends a lot of time mixing in her little bowl and licking the spoon. All of these items are limited time and are available for just over 6 days.

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