Mafia Wars: Infiltrate the Pentagon for exclusive Mastery items and Government Secrets

Infiltrate the Pentagon
Infiltrate the Pentagon

The time has come to do the impossible, mobsters. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to play dress up and sneak into the Pentagon. (Wait, what?) Apparently in Mafia Wars, it's just that easy. In a brand new, week-long gifting event titled "Infiltrate the Pentagon," players will have to send each other military uniforms for limited edition Mastery weapons, animals and vehicles.

Quite honestly, this is exactly like the recent Prized Pigs and Masked Robbery gifting events, but on a much larger scale. As of this writing, only the Army Uniform is available with the Navy Uniform to release in three days and the Air Force Uniform to be available in a week from today. All you need to do is receive enough of each uniform to achieve Bronze Mastery and score the associated item. Master each uniform further by sending and receiving more uniforms to increase the statistics on each exclusive item. For example, the Ranger Kukri starts at a measly 58 Attack and 40 Defense, but boosting it to Gold Mastery through stockpiling enough Army Uniforms will increase its stats to an impressive 75 Attack and 39 Defense (that might be a glitch).

But we know what you're all after. Achieving Gold Mastery with each Uniform will unlock the Grand Prize, Government Secrets. An item with 103 Attack and 132 Defense, these should come in handy should you ever need to do a bit of blackmailing--which can be the ultimate defense. So, get to gifting those uniforms and get into the Pentagon before this window of opportunity closes. (Doesn't the Pentagon at least, say, scan fingerprints?)

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