Lunchtime poll: Facebook punishes Ravenwood Fair maker for privacy gaffe - did they go too far?

ravenwood fair gifts disabled
ravenwood fair gifts disabled

Just as we were really starting to fall for the Facebook game Ravenwood Fair from LOLApps, we got a rude awakening when we learned we could no longer share items from the game on our Facebook Wall or send gifts to friends. Turns out, Facebook is punishing the social game developer for leaking user information to ad network and other data mining companies.

For six months, you will not be able to post anything from any LOL Apps game on Facebook, essentially turning off all of the things that make these games 'social,' and in some cases, fun to play.

While privacy on the Internet is no joking matter, do you think that Facebook's punishment is too harsh? Or should they have taken the punishment a step further? Sound off in today's lunchtime poll.