Happy Pets Monkeys - Get ready to go bananas for these tree-swingers

CrowdStar has added a series of new Monkeys to Happy Pets, which includes both limited edition varieties, and some that seem to be permanent additions to the game's store.

All in all, there are seven monkeys to choose from, including the previously released Monkey Butler (of which there are still 800+ left). The other six pets are brand new, and offer four permanent options and two limited edition pets.

The two limited edition pets are the Tiny Marmoset, a cute green little fella that costs 76 Facebook Credits ($7.60 US), and the Giant Kong monkey, which costs more, at 84 Facebook Credits.

Meanwhile, the other four monkeys are a solid color, with options being the Purple, Blue, Red, and White Monkeys. While not limited in terms of their quantity in the store, they are still premium items, setting you back 54 Facebook Credits each, or $5.40 US.

As for the limited pets, if you want to pick up either, you'll need to do so fairly quickly, as there are 1400 of the Marmoset and 1700 of the Giant Kongs to go around. Don't be fooled by the lengthy stay of the Monkey Butler in the store - it has a much higher price tag, meaning that this two pets should go much quicker in terms of supply.

Have you gone bananas over these new Monkey pets? Which one would you like to add to your collection? Let us know in the comments.