Foundation Financial Group: Hiring 55 to 70 Entry-Level Marketing Jobs

Foundation Financial Group just got licensed to service three more states -- Minnesota, Maine, and New Jersey. Thanks to this growth, Foundation Financial Group is hiring for 55 to 70 entry level marketing jobs, to be filled by the end of 2010.

Those marketing positions, Foundation Finance Group Assistant Vice President Mark Boyer told Julie Steinberg at Fins Finance, are the best way to get into the company and work your way up from there. Compensation in financial services usually is better than that in many other industries.

Getting ahead in a financial services company entails becoming licensed in the areas in which you will be providing service. Your manager will advise you what examinations you should start studying for, when, and how. Some enroll in a course to prepare for the examinations, some find what they need online, and some just use print materials. After that, you will likely study to prepare to become certified in the areas that you oversee.

Unlike many other financial institutions, Foundation Financial Group didn't play fast and loose with loans during the real estate boom. Therefore, although at the time it sacrificed growth, it has achieved stability -- which is a major plus in the current marketplace.

Find further information about jobs and where you can apply at Foundation Financial Group.

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