FarmVille Orchards: Everything you need to know

Breaking news this evening, as Zynga has quietly begun rolling out tree orchards to users in FarmVille. The update is coming at a very slow pace, to ensure the stability of the game, but for those who have already received the Orchards, we have the first details concerning these new building projects.

Meet us behind the break for all of the details concerning Tree Orchards.

You receive a free Orchard frame upon logging into your game. The frame takes up less than 2x2 squares, and is rectangular, meaning that it might cause a bit of a spacing issue for those with full farms (that is, you can't simply delete one plot of land and put the Orchard in its place).

The Orchard can then be built with Nails, Bricks, and Boards - 10 of each. You'll be able to ask your friends for parts to build the Orchard through wall posts in your news feed, or by asking your friends to gift you parts via the game's free gifts page. You can also purchase ingredients at a rate of one individual part per 1 Farm Cash.

Once you complete the construction of your first Orchard, you can begin constructing another by purchasing the frame from the store for 1,000 coins. You can also purchase a completed Orchard for 30 Farm Cash, or the same price you would pay by purchasing the 30 ingredients individually.

Once built, the Orchard can then hold 20 trees. You'll be able to put the trees into the Orchard by simply clicking on a Tree, clicking on "Move" and then clicking on the Orchard to place your tree there. You can harvest from your Orchard all at once, once every 48 hours, with the chance being to receive Mystery Seedlings, that can be watered, causing them to grow into new trees, apparently not unlike those new trees we've seen released in the store, as seen below.

The new trees are varieties like the Rainier Cherry, Cuban Banana, Bahri Date, and Autumn Ginkgo trees, among many others, which are each available to purchase individually from the game's store.

Under each tree in your Orchard(s) - again, you can have more than one - you'll see an image allowing you to learn which seeds will be produced by which trees. For instance, the Cherry Tree will produce seeds for the Rainier Cherry Tree, as seen below.

Once you have a Mystery Seed, you'll need to place it onto your farm and water it 10 times to make it grow into a fully adult tree. You can help your friends by sending them individual Water Cans from the game's free gifts page, or you can purchase them for 1 Farm Cash each. You won't know what kind of tree you're growing until it is fully grown, hence the "Mystery" Seed title. These new trees act as any other - you can move them, store them, place them them into the Orchard, and so on.

Harvesting trees individually will also now contribute to your overall Tree Mastery, as seen represented by the stars in the store screenshot above. Each time you harvest a tree (as of right now, they must be harvested individually, as Arborists do not count towards Mastery), you'll earn a point of Tree Mastery, with trees requiring numbers like 45, 75, or even 113 harvests to earn the first star of mastery, as a few examples. All trees have three stars of mastery, just like crops, but unlike crops, once you reach the first star of mastery, you'll receive the Mastery Sign in your gift box, which can be displayed on your farm.

You can keep track of your Mastery progress for each tree either in the store, using the traditional three star system, or you can look under the new "Mastery" option, which has been added to the "Collections" submenu in the user-interface in the lower right corner of the screen. This will bring up a new menu, allowing you to view all of your Crop and Tree masteries in one place.

No matter how much the trees in the store may cost, this seems like a great way to add new content to the game, especially for those veteran players who may be running out of things to do once nearing the level cap. As a reminder, this feature is being rolled out slowly to all users - if you don't have it yet, don't panic, as we're sure it will launch on your farm in the coming hours or days.

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Do you have the Tree Orchard yet on your farm? What do you think of the ability to grow mystery trees in the game? Let us know in the comments.

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