FarmVille releases new limited Megamind items

FarmVille Megamind
FarmVille Megamind

Earlier today we wrote about the new Megamind promotion in FarmVille, lasting only 24 hours to get you in the mood for this new movie. This evening, FarmVille has given us a sneak update featuring three new Megamind items. If you visited your Megamind neighbor today, you probably saw these items on your neighbor's farm. If you were a bit jealous that you couldn't have these baby blue items, you'll be thrilled with tonight's update.

The Blue Tree is available for 4 Farm Cash and gives 40 XP. The Satellite Barn is a big blue barn with a satellite dish upon it, which costs 30 Farm Cash but gives out 450 XP. And finally, the Blue Cow costs 22 Farm Cash and has a 1 day harvest time on it. These items are all available for 7 days, even though the Megamind promotion ends tomorrow.

Are you into these blue Megamind items? Which one will you buy first?

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