FarmVille Limited Edition Country Fair Buildings

FarmVille Ferris Wheel and Corn Stand
FarmVille Ferris Wheel and Corn Stand

Along with the new decorations tonight, FarmVille also has released a set of new buildings for your Country Fair enjoyment. These two new items are available for the next 12 days along with all of the other Country Fair items.

The first is a Ferris Wheel, which we don't exactly consider a 'building', but who are we to argue with Zynga? This Ferris Wheel is sure to provide endless fun, but at the price of 42 Farm Cash, it's not going to come cheap. This building also gives out 1000 XP and sells for 5,000 coins in case you change your mind after buying it. Of course, you could also send it as a gift to a friend if you so desire.

Secondly, the Corn Stand is another new Country Fair building in the market. If you have ever been to a local fair, you know that one of the best ways to pass the time is ordering countless ears of buttery yellow corn. This Corn Stand will cost you 300,000 coins, sell for 15,000 coins, and give out 3000 XP.