FarmVille Country Fair Animals: Emu and Rex Rabbit

FarmVille Emu and Rex Rabbit
FarmVille Emu and Rex Rabbit

What good is a Country Fair without a petting zoo of adorable farm animals to play with and cuddle with? FarmVille knows this, and tonight update sees the release of two new animals into the Market.

The Emu is a giant bird related to the ostrich that is native to Australia. The Emu in FarmVille will cost you 20 Farm Cash, sell for 90 coins, and has a 2 day harvest time.

Another new animal is the Rex Rabbit, which is a breed of rabbit from France. This adorable lop-eared friend is cheaper, at only 12 Farm Cash. This little fella sells for 100 coins and is harvestable ever two days.

These animals are only available for 12 days, so hop to it! Buy them before you miss your chance. Check them out in the Animals section of the FarmVille Market.