ESPNU College Town releases Soccer, new All Stars, fresh tunes and more


Thanks to Playdom's most recent update to ESPNU College Town, we can play the other football. That's right, Soccer has arrived as the fourth venue sport in the game, which means a slew of new events and All Star Athletes too. The venue requires players to have at least one thousand students (assuming this is their fourth venue) and features events like a Dance Marathon, Student Camp Out and the long awaited Graduation Ceremony--hopefully that doesn't reduce your student population.

In addition to Soccer, Softball Practice has been added to the list of events in the Baseball Field venue. Not to mention that brand new tunes have been added to the game that give it a "Pomp and Circumstance" vibe. The Newspaper has also been changed to include a new Featured Items section that includes Campus Affiliation items (wait, don't we already have a spot for those?). Playdom also updated the Scoreboard so that more statistics are displayed while Player Challenges were changed so that players who challenge schools four or more levels below them will not gain experience. Take that, bullies.

The update also fixed a list of issues to improve the game experience such as loading issues, displaying friends correctly in the Gifting section and--most importantly--a change to how the game calculates School Spirit, which a Playdom community manager explained as, "[players] weren't able to add students despite it displaying that you had enough Spirit. This issue has been fixed with this update." Check out the forum post for the whole list of changes and see for yourself in-game.

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