CrowdStar bringing It Girl, and all future Facebook games to mobile platforms


CrowdStar's It Girl has absolutely taken off, acquiring over 4 million players in the short time that it has been available, according to the latest AppData figures.

Now, CrowdStar is looking to bring that success to the mobile platform, as they have announced that through their partnership with Sibblingz (the company that brought Happy Island to Android and the iPhone), It Girl will be coming to the iPhone, iPad and Android in the future.

Not only that, but Niren Hiro, the CEO of CrowdStar, has confirmed that in addition to It Girl, every future Facebook game released by CrowdStar will eventually be given a mobile version.

"With Sibblingz we have already brought Happy Island to iPhone, Android and iPads for our users. Going forward you will see CrowdStar bring every game we build for Facebook to mobile devices."

While CrowdStar hasn't announced which platform will be receiving the It Girl mobile game first, we can only assume that it will come out on iPhone first, as it is more widely known and accepted as a gaming platform. Let's just hope that the game comes out for free, unlike Happy Island, which started out as a paid download (99¢ - it is now free).

[Via GameZebo]

Which other CrowdStar games would you like to see given a mobile version? Would you pay to play It Girl on your smartphone? Let us know in the comments.